What Makes a Standout Byline Article?

Byline articles are a mainstay of strategic PR programs, but not all topics (or outlets for that matter) are created equal. How many times have you struggled to come up with a compelling topic that spotlights your company as a thought leader rather than a veiled attempt at pitching your wares? It is a fine line, but one that can make a big difference on the impact of your article within the marketplace. Here are three tips for ensuring a solid byline article that hits the sweet spot and elevates your organization’s industry visibility.


1) Consider Pain Points – The most relevant topics address issues that are top of mind for your current and potential customers. What better way to grab your audience’s attention than help them address their most urgent or painful problems? Don’t point to your solution as the answer, but offer best practices and ways to combat the problems.

2) Dispel Myths – Every industry has its share of misconceptions. Help educate your marketplace by debunking inaccuracies and explaining the realities of key issues. Score additional points by backing up your ideas with real-world examples (using named or unnamed client case studies).

3) Dig Deep – There’s nothing more frustrating than reading an article without any meat. While there’s no need to give away the secret sauce, the article should go beyond surface discussion and provide industry expertise with relatable and actionable takeaways. Incorporate recent lessons learned to reflect the most timely content.

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