PR Lessons Learned; Domino’s Pizza’s Unorthodox Advertising Approach

Southwest’s Spirit Magazine recently spotlighted Domino’s Pizza’s turnaround campaign demonstrating that with the right strategy, even subpar tomato sauce can translate into increased sales. Designed by ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Domino’s’ campaign focused on its lackluster pizza through a television ad series that told the tale of its cardboard-tasting crust and its initiative to reinvigorate its pizza with better ingredients.  The campaign’s objective to tell the truth and win over former and new customers worked—netting Domino’s a 14.3 percent increase in sales per store and overall company growth from 2010 to 2011.

From technology solutions to pizza and everything in between, public relations campaigns can and should do the same by being upfront with product updates. Why?

  • Truthful communication appeals to human nature. Telling the truth demonstrates honest business practices and integrity and pushes organizations’ positive corporate cultures forward.
  • Customers look forward to enhancements. Upgrades to your software, websites or mobile apps are expected.  Don’t be afraid to communicate product revisions or new features, especially if the end result is a better customer experience.
  • Competition might not follow suit. While being upfront is a best practice approach, your competition might not take the same road.  This gives you an opportunity to one-up them by highlighting your differentiators and showing why customers should choose your product.

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