Pinning and PR, A Look at Pinterest

By now you’ve probably taken a look at Pinterest, the popular photo-centric social media site that lets users organize their favorite things through virtual “pinboards”. Many publishers, bloggers and retailers have taken notice of the site’s rapid growth and are adding Pin It buttons to their websites. Etsy, Aeropostale and Real Simple are a few examples.

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What does this mean for your PR efforts?

Social media channels should be prioritized based on your key audiences. So far, Pinterest has attracted more than 10 million monthly visitors and has successfully captivated the coveted female 25-44 demographic (according to comScore), known for major buying power. If this is your target audience, Pinterest may be right for you.

Just remember, Pinterest is visual and graphics should always outweigh any text included within pins. If your next PR campaign or product launch has a strong visual element, create a special pinboard to accompany the news. Or pin videos or photos from an event.

Additionally, Pinterest can be used as an extension of your website or your press room.  Logos, headshots and important company images are all appropriate items for pinboards.

Today, any online site or social medium with eyeballs will turn into a PR vehicle. While clearly important for BtoC companies, it remains unknown whether Pinterest will drive attention to BtoB organizations. With the site’s high growth rate, it is certainly one to watch.

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