PR Spinners: Fact or Fiction?

PR professionals get blamed for a lot (and some is likely deserved). But a main and often loud complaint is that PR people spin tall tales that are completely devoid of facts. Based on years working alongside both internal corporate PR professionals and agency account teams, I can tell you that that the root cause typically lies with corporate execs failing to share the truth. Surprisingly, we are often expected to promote a company’s products, services and other announcements without receiving the complete facts surrounding the events. Then, when another source uncovers the truth and the cliché phrase is uttered—“What a PR nightmare”—we are expected to clean up the mess by spinning a positive story.

Yes, sometimes total disclosure hurts (even when you aren’t dealing with a crisis situation). But how can an organization expect a well-laid PR strategy and flawless execution when the facts aren’t presented to their PR partner or internal communication department? We can often mitigate unnecessary negative press by offering alternative strategies or another viewpoint of the story that still positions the company in an honest light. Ultimately, it’s our job as both truth seekers and spinners – dare, I say – to demand the facts needed to inform our strategies and enable us to spin a positive story angle that holds water.

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