Who’s the Perfect Client?

Today, Young & Associates enjoys a diversified mix of clients – some are fast growing, others well established and known in their space, and others are trying to get there (aka tech start-ups). Over the years, we have experienced a multitude of client styles and personalities – the evangelical, the bully, the peacemaker, the workaholic, the cheerleader, etc.

During new business conversations with the entire staff, we often get around to discussing the client profile and “what makes the perfect client”. Is it the client that pays the largest monthly retainer? (BTW – That does weigh in pretty high). The pleasant lower-paying client that values and understands PR, what it can and can’t do for them and has realistic expectations? Or the clients that are clear from the on-set that they need an aggressive six-month engagement that might lead the agency into a new industry niche, but the client will likely run out of money so don’t count on them sticking around much longer?

Of course, this isn’t fantasyland. No one is perfect, but some clients do come pretty close. The ones (regardless of their fee) that are willing to listen, take the team seriously as professionals and strategists, are upfront about issues/challenges and acknowledge a sound media victory win out in my book. What’s your perfect client?

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