Get In the Game: The Value of a Tweet for BtoBs

In all industries these days you will find some social media presence; however, that doesn’t mean it is any less intimidating for the companies who have not yet embraced it. And there are many valid reasons for the adoption lag including the time and resource commitment, the permanence and lack of filter of all things on the Internet, or the challenge to measure the direct impact on the bottom line. Here are five reasons all BtoB companies need to consider a Twitter presence.

1) Participate: The time commitment for creating and monitoring social media content can be a barrier to entry for many companies. Twitter’s shorter posts (140 characters or less) provide a manageable foray into social media.

2) Extend: Twitter is another media channel that can be used to distribute thought leadership content and insight.

3) Build: Twitter is all about networking, communities and relationships, so use the channel to create a bigger brand audience.

4) Engage: While some may use Twitter as a one-way content distributor, it is a vehicle for dialogue and discussion with target audiences.

5) Boost: Having a Twitter account means an increase in content associated with your website – this is one element for improving SEO rankings. Twitter is also another avenue for increasing media awareness – the Internet is most reporters’ #1 source for researching news stories.

What value have you seen?

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