Let Facebook Show the Personality of Your Organization

On a recent client call, I was asked why an organization needs a Facebook page and what the benefits are.  For me, the answer lies in the numbers.  It is hard to believe, but Facebook says they have 350 million users worldwide.  With this many people engaged, it is definitely time for organizations (who don’t already have a page) to consider Facebook as a platform for communicating with current and potential customers, former and existing employees, partners and friends.

Why, you ask?

1) Facebook shows who you are as an organization.

Facebook gives you an avenue to show your corporate personality.  By posting photos of a typical day around the office, a video from a conference or a news article, show fans who you are as an organization.

2) Facebook helps your company stay in touch.

When it comes to Facebook fans, it is about quality, not quantity. Staying connected with a core group of fans is important.  This is especially true for the BtoB crowd – think former customers or colleagues that might turn into or lead you to future business.

3) Facebook offers a forum to engage.

Not only can you share your latest products/services, news, discounts and specials but you can ask fans to provide reviews and feedback, post photos when applicable and participate in lively discussions.

4) Facebook builds SEO.

A Facebook page adds another link to your company in search engine results pages, giving potential customers a better chance of finding you on the Web.  And, that is a whole blog post in itself.

So, get moving already. The benefits of your Facebook page will continue, as your page grows.

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