Top Three Ways to Show Appreciation for PR Pros

One of the agency’s clients, Madison Performance Group, offers workforce recognition and incentive programs that increase employee motivation and productivity. So, we thought it would be fitting to offer our own guidance on how PR agencies should show appreciation for their employees.

1) Acknowledge successful communication with clients – Keeping clients happy is critical for maintaining a healthy agency. The best PR professionals tend to clients’ needs in a timely manner and navigate a variety of personalities and work styles to make sure expectations are met and anticipated results are delivered. Since this is an agency’s lifeline, recognize when account executives meet client expectations through positive feedback whether that be a phone call or personalized email to say good job.

2) Give kudos when executives secure media interest – As PR pros, we know generating media interest or connecting with the right reporter can take weeks, months or more – and not for lack of trying. While building relationships doesn’t always pay off in the short-term, long-term results can make an impact. Keep account executives motivated by offering praise along the way and when their due diligence pays off.

3) Say thank you for being “on” 24/7 – Today, PR executives are challenged to work in a 24/7 media environment. That means monitoring the news and social media channels day and night. Acknowledge this “always on” mentality by saying thank you and recognize when this dedicated work attitude results in success. Another option is to offer flextime to make up for lack of sleep or client activities that creep into “personal” time.

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