A PR Partner Wish List

The holiday rush is in full swing and there certainly is no shortage of new tools, tips and resources to help consumers make good purchase decisions and maximize their holiday shopping budget. So in the name of shopping and saving I’d like to offer a few tips for those marketing, PR and other business professionals shopping for external PR services.

1)   Make a list – While as a kid you made a wish list of what you wanted and sent a note to the North Pole, you should have a similar approach for your PR services.  Knowing what your must-have services are, e.g., news releases, media placements/interviews, bylines, social media, as well as your nice-to-haves, e.g., case studies, awards, speaking opportunities, will help you properly evaluate PR providers.

2)   Set a budget – Most people have a budget for their holiday spending so they don’t overspend and they can maximize their gift giving, decorating or party planning. Selecting a PR partner is no different. At a minimum you should be able to discuss a budget range that you can invest in PR. There is no use spending hours discussing your goals, and developing and sharing proposals if you aren’t ready to put a real dollar figure on the services.

3)   Have a deadline – For folks who celebrate Christmas, Dec. 24 is a drop-dead date for Christmas shopping. Knowing when you want your PR program to begin will help you and potential partners be more realistic about program ideas and proposal development will be more real time.

Best wishes for a successful 2012. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy Holidays!

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