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Mar. 02

The Rise of Online-Only News: Journalists Taking Notice

Brian Morrissey, former digital editor for Adweek, recently joined DIGIDAY, a new digital marketing-focused online outlet, surprising many who follow the advertising media industry.  He shared his reason for the move with PRNewser citing that Adweek’s production often slowed initiatives due … Continue reading

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Sep. 21

Long Live the Press Release

It’s been said time and time again, often to provoke controversy among the PR industry, that the press release is dead. Ad Age Media Columnist Simon Dumenco made the latest argument in his article last week, RIP, the Press Release … Continue reading

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Feb. 05

The Balancing Act of Traditional + Social Media

When social media first came on the scene, some mused whether it would overtake traditional media as the primary news venue. While some of us would declare ourselves social media “addicts”, it has certainly not replaced traditional media. Both sides … Continue reading

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