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Jan. 24

4 Tips for Leveraging Hot-Button Media Issues

When hot-button issues arise in the media, should your company offer to comment? While we don’t advise taking political sides, if your spokesperson has relevant non-partisan industry insight, advice or analysis to offer, it can be a great opportunity for … Continue reading

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Mar. 22

Journalism’s (Positive) Disruptors: Freelance Reporters

It’s become the antidote to the shrinking newsroom—throngs of freelance journalists covering stories ranging from business to industry-specific articles. This growing trend has disrupted the journalism landscape, where editors still need to cover the 24/7 news cycle with relevant, in-depth content without the … Continue reading

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Aug. 31

Looking for Validation in Media Relations

We’ve been interviewing to add a new professional to the Y&A team (hooray) and one of our go-to interview questions is how do you get around the challenge of promoting a client whose own clients won’t talk to the media. … Continue reading

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Mar. 09

Should We Give Journalists a Break?

We frequently seem to serve as the mediator between our clients and the media — specifically, circling back with a reporter or contacting an editor to make corrections to a story. This issue came under a microscope this past month … Continue reading

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Feb. 16

Thought Leadership – Playing Outside Your Comfort Zone

One of the primary goals of a strong public relations program is to increase the organization’s marketplace visibility and credibility. In almost all cases, that includes thought leadership and helping establish company executives as experts on relevant subjects through media … Continue reading

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Dec. 16

What a Year!

First, let me start out by congratulating our client Emptoris – acquired by IBM yesterday. Fantastic news. This by the way, marks the 5th client acquisition in a year for Y&A. It has been an amazing year for the agency … Continue reading

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Apr. 21

PR is stressful? It’s all relative.

Sure, work is stressful, but I wouldn’t rate a PR pro as the No. 2 most stressful job behind a commercial airline pilot—as was recently reported by CareerCast. I’m sure there are many commercial airline pilots who don’t think they … Continue reading

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Nov. 17

Best iPad Apps for PR Pros

After some not so subtle hinting, I finally received an iPad last week as an anniversary gift from my husband.  While the personal features are great, I started exploring how I can use the device as a PR tool since … Continue reading

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Sep. 21

Long Live the Press Release

It’s been said time and time again, often to provoke controversy among the PR industry, that the press release is dead. Ad Age Media Columnist Simon Dumenco made the latest argument in his article last week, RIP, the Press Release … Continue reading

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