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Oct. 30

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” may date back to the early 1910s but it still holds true some 100+ years later. And while many of us get our news in multiple formats online, the images that … Continue reading

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Jul. 17

No Bad Blood – The Power of PR Giants

This post originally appeared as a My Two Cents column in the July issue of Young & Associates’ newsletter The Spark. The full newsletter can be read here. When Taylor Swift penned an open letter to Apple protesting their plans … Continue reading

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Apr. 16

Product Announcements: Giving Away the Secret Sauce?

Companies often grapple with formally unveiling products to the media without fueling competitors’ efforts by divulging too much information.  In fact, some shy away from announcing product info at all; however, sharing a limited amount of newsworthy information for media … Continue reading

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Jul. 07

Cutting Through the Clutter Key to Product Launch Success

New products—they are constantly flowing to meet today’s “yesterday’s widget is old” mentality. What’s different in the new iPhone? Is the new version of Hootsuite better? Which of the latest CRM solutions is right for my company? Reporters often wonder … Continue reading

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