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Sep. 21

Facebook Frenzy: Why B2B Marketers Should Post on Facebook

Social media has been a PR essential for a while now but many B2B companies still overlook the influence of Facebook. Why is that? Do you think your customers don’t visit Facebook? How many times did you check Facebook yesterday? … Continue reading

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Jun. 05

Are You A…Twammer?

Marketing and PR pros alike are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to connect with their respective audiences—whether customers, prospects, partners or media. And while social media has proven to be yet another effective channel for business or … Continue reading

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Apr. 28

Make A Splash At Industry Events

Conferences can be a great forum for creating buzz for your company, while you meet with reporters, potential partners and prospect customers.  However, at events, big and small, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle if you … Continue reading

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Jul. 02

New PR Grads: Use Social Networks for Job Hunting

For this year’s PR grads, how can you find the job of your dreams? Look to social networks – these sites are no longer just a way to communicate with friends. Facebook. Don’t post anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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