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Aug. 31

Looking for Validation in Media Relations

We’ve been interviewing to add a new professional to the Y&A team (hooray) and one of our go-to interview questions is how do you get around the challenge of promoting a client whose own clients won’t talk to the media. … Continue reading

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May. 21

Right Here, Right Now: Tips for Getting News to Journalists

Timing a news announcement when reporters are looking for news to cover or focused on a specific trend or topic takes thoughtful planning (and sometimes a bit of luck) but following a few suggestions can help you make that critical … Continue reading

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Oct. 06

Freelance Journalists are Still Journalists Playing By Different Rules

With today’s newsrooms keeping only a fraction of their former staffs on payroll while still gunning for high-quality, up-to-the-minute coverage, it was inevitable that media outlets would rely on freelance journalists’ support to make it all happen. Not only are … Continue reading

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