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May. 21

Right Here, Right Now: Tips for Getting News to Journalists

Timing a news announcement when reporters are looking for news to cover or focused on a specific trend or topic takes thoughtful planning (and sometimes a bit of luck) but following a few suggestions can help you make that critical … Continue reading

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Apr. 24

Keyword Crazy

Over the last six months, on behalf of clients, I have participated in numerous meetings with SEO firms on improving online rankings, increasing web site traffic, etc. No doubt many are masterful and have proven track records at their trade. … Continue reading

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Mar. 09

Should We Give Journalists a Break?

We frequently seem to serve as the mediator between our clients and the media — specifically, circling back with a reporter or contacting an editor to make corrections to a story. This issue came under a microscope this past month … Continue reading

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Sep. 13

NBC News Twitter Account Hacked

On Friday afternoon, two days prior to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, NBC News’ Twitter account (@NBCNews) was hacked and tweets falsely reported that an airplane had crashed at Ground Zero. Due to the prompt response by NBC News notifying Twitter, the account … Continue reading

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Feb. 09

The Daily – Changing the Face of Journalism?

By now, you’ve probably read some type of review for The Daily, unless you just fell off a turnip truck. (For those who have, it’s The News Corporation’s (Rupert Murdoch) tablet-only newszine). Undoubtedly an incredible PR success for the iPad with an … Continue reading

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Feb. 05

The Balancing Act of Traditional + Social Media

When social media first came on the scene, some mused whether it would overtake traditional media as the primary news venue. While some of us would declare ourselves social media “addicts”, it has certainly not replaced traditional media. Both sides … Continue reading

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