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Sep. 21

Facebook Frenzy: Why B2B Marketers Should Post on Facebook

Social media has been a PR essential for a while now but many B2B companies still overlook the influence of Facebook. Why is that? Do you think your customers don’t visit Facebook? How many times did you check Facebook yesterday? … Continue reading

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Jun. 05

Are You A…Twammer?

Marketing and PR pros alike are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to connect with their respective audiences—whether customers, prospects, partners or media. And while social media has proven to be yet another effective channel for business or … Continue reading

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Aug. 28

I’m In My 30s and Use Facebook, but Do Your Customers?

You might have read the widely circulated Mashable article, I’m 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook, with insight from a middle schooler about her social media usage—primarily Twitter and Tumblr—and her lack of interest in Facebook. As the … Continue reading

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Nov. 14

Negative Social Media Posts: Turn that Frown Upside Down

Are negative posts on Twitter or Facebook keeping you down?  Don’t worry – there are ways to turn these comments into positive interactions.  In fact, acknowledging a customer or social media follower with a complaint can go a long way … Continue reading

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Oct. 06

Balanced Social Media Posts: Curators vs Self Promoters

Social media dominates today’s media headlines, but companies are still struggling with the right balance of social media content/posts. Eric Boggs of Argyle Social, a social media dashboard tool, addressed this issue last week at Digital East. Argyle analyzed 150K+ … Continue reading

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Sep. 28

What’s Behind Facebook’s Latest Changes?

We’ve all seen the commentary about the latest Facebook changes announced at the f8 conference—including the much-hyped Timeline that chronicles a user’s entire existence on the social platform—but what’s really behind them and how will they impact personal and business … Continue reading

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Sep. 13

NBC News Twitter Account Hacked

On Friday afternoon, two days prior to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, NBC News’ Twitter account (@NBCNews) was hacked and tweets falsely reported that an airplane had crashed at Ground Zero. Due to the prompt response by NBC News notifying Twitter, the account … Continue reading

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Jun. 13

Gone Fishin’

Like many other families with school-age children, summertime is our vacation time. In the media and PR world, summertime is known as a downtime when major efforts slow and preparations begin for Fall initiatives. Over the years, clients have resisted … Continue reading

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May. 11

Social Media Policies: College Bars Student from Graduation Ceremony for Facebook Entry

When a tornado hit St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, N.C. last month, Roman Caple, a senior close to graduation was among many students concerned about returning to a campus without power and with fallen trees. Roman, the first among his … Continue reading

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Jan. 24


Perceptions about social media participation are relative. In some circles it’s an automatic and daily communication medium, while others still wince at the mention. I’ll come clean and admit to being a regular social media participant, having seen the benefits … Continue reading

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