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Aug. 24

Authenticity Matters

I bought a new car this week and, as you might expect, the experience came with some interesting dealership encounters. One thing that became abundantly clear was which salespeople were interested in having a real conversation about what would motivate me … Continue reading

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Jan. 10

Quora: A Twitter-Wikipedia Mash-up

The recent buzz from the technology community around Quora, an online Q&A service created by former Facebook employees, is causing many top brands and their PR agencies to ask what is Quora and should it be incorporated into PR strategy? … Continue reading

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Apr. 27

Lessons Learned from @PRSarahEvans: Think Outside the Box to Succeed in Social Media

PRSA Colorado hosted an event last week with social media guru Sarah Evans, and I left feeling really refreshed on social media. It wasn’t one specific piece of the shared content that had me jazzed (and there were lots of … Continue reading

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