Transforming the Credential Landscape for Educational Institutions and Organizations, Chalk & Wire Announces General Availability of MyMantl

First Holistic Learning Recognition Network Helps Students and Job Seekers Prove Their Education is More Than a Transcript, Showcasing Verified Skills and Credentials

Ridgeway, Ontario – January 23, 2018 – Chalk & Wire, the most trusted higher education assessment technology platform, announced today that its learning recognition network, MyMantl, is now fully available for students, educators, employees and employers. Bringing clarity to learning achievements, MyMantl’s verified digital badging provides a way for learners, as early as high school, to chronicle their skill development and demonstrate proven credentials.

A first-of-its-kind credentialing solution, MyMantl incorporates digital badging with online learning portfolios directly from Chalk & Wire’s CWPro, the company’s ePortfolio-enabled student educational assessment platform. This integration enables institutions to award badges automatically when learners achieve specific levels of competency across assessed work samples and records of experience.

Institutions can employ MyMantl’s, easy-to-use Badge Path Planner to generate hierarchical Badge structures linked to learning outcomes. These can be directly applied to extant academic programs and prerequisites or used to support Competency-Based Education offerings. Organizations can also quickly and creatively design their Badges directly in MyMantl using a Badge Builder offering thousands of graphic assets or by importing their own.

For learners, in addition to the unlimited number of portable customized Collections they can share, the solution also provides an on-board Skills Planner related to known job skill clusters for a vast array of jobs and careers. This enables learners to take command of their learning as they map out how they will attain remaining essential skills from a range of trusted educational providers of their choice.

“As the value of the college degree is re-evaluated, MyMantl has been designed to construct a digital skills superstructure to support and frame degrees, diplomas and certificates and give more weight to endorsements,” said Geoff Irvine, CEO, Chalk & Wire. “Open to anyone, MyMantl actively engages learners, providing them with deeper evidence and a more transparent way to showcase their skills, helping smooth transitions to the workforce or post-graduate studies.”

Learners Display Verified Skills in MyMantl

With MyMantl, students and job seekers, from both educational and corporate environments, can indicate the skills they have acquired, enhancing their credibility to employers and identifying specific benchmarks relevant to post-education pursuits. A MyMantl Badge is fully portable and comes with encrypted supporting data that can be explored but not altered. This embedded data can include information about the earner, the awarding organization, time and date of the micro-credential award, definitions of the requirements, competencies attained and much more.  Therefore, unlike self-attested statements of competency so common in the past, MyMantl badges come with the assurance and evidence of skills and performance readiness that anyone can trust.

“At Polk State College, Chalk & Wire is utilized for professional program ePortfolios and student learning assessment which allows students to demonstrate their competencies,” said Naomi Boyer, CIO and vice president of strategic initiatives and innovation for Polk State College. “We look forward to exploring MyMantl to extend additional credentialing opportunities for students to document their employability and 21st century skills that will serve them well in the workplace.”

Recruiters Offered Clarity About Job Candidates with MyMantl

As employers are challenged to determine whether a degree is a true indicator of a candidate’s readiness, MyMantl’s verified digital badging helps job candidates demonstrate their skill development and achievements in both academic and soft skills such as communication, collaboration and leadership. User-centered MyMantl portfolios stay with the learner for life, showcasing skills, life events and more, with evidence.

IMS Global Learning Consortium is the organization responsible for the advancement of both the Open Badges specification and community. MyMantl was built to adhere to IMS Global conformance certification requirements.

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About Chalk & Wire

With a market-changing, research-based approach to higher education assessment, Chalk & Wire has helped institutions demonstrate student competency and improve the evaluation of learning outcomes for nearly 20 years. To increase the validity of assessment data, Chalk & Wire’s market-leading assessment platform is built on its CoreValidity™ process, which drives alignment between faculty and leadership through a unified assessment language and raises inter-rater reliability earlier in the process. Chalk & Wire takes a consultative approach to helping institutions prove their value and efficacy as well as their ability to prepare students for their post-graduate pursuits. For more, visit

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