Telmetrics Selected to Power Call Tracking for Network Solutions’ Customer Ad Campaigns

Toronto, ON, March 9, 2010 – Proving the power of call tracking for digital media, Telmetrics, the leading provider of advertising call measurement solutions, is now the exclusive call tracking partner for Network Solutions®, a leading domain name registrar and web services company. Telmetrics’ call tracking solutions, which measure phone call lead generation, allow Network Solutions’ small to medium-sized business (SMB) customers to evaluate the offline performance of their online ad programs.

“The value of call tracking is undeniable, as it complements traditional click-based ad performance metrics. Measuring the offline lead generation of an online ad is critical in today’s competitive media marketplace,” said Kurt Gastrock, senior vice president for Network Solutions. “We selected Telmetrics for their scalability, expansive coverage area and high quality network and delivery.”

With the Telmetrics partnership, Network Solutions nsMarketing™ customers can place unique local or toll-free phone numbers in their online ad programs to track the number of calls delivered by those advertising campaigns – leads which otherwise might not be attributed to online advertising. Telmetrics’ call tracking data is seamlessly integrated with Network Solutions’ real-time reporting system that captures various online click-based response activities.

“Demand for call tracking is at an all-time high, as it is a cross-media metric allowing advertisers to evaluate both digital and traditional advertising campaign performance,” said Bill Dinan, president, Telmetrics. “We are pleased to support Network Solutions’ efforts to provide their customers with a complete picture of online advertising performance.”

With increased transparency into the source of inbound calls, advertisers of all sizes can better optimize their advertising spend to allocate dollars to the best performing medium, keywords, campaigns and search engines.


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