Telmetrics Seeing Record Pay Per Call Growth

TORONTO, April 10, 2012 – Telmetrics, the leading provider of advertising call measurement solutions, today announced that it has seen pay per call adoption grow more than three times over the past year. In comparing Q1 2012 to Q1 2011, Telmetrics is tracking 348 percent more pay per call ads.

While pay per call usage is growing among all local search media channels, mobile advertisers and SMB programs are driving the increases. Mobile experienced the most dramatic growth with the number of measured mobile pay per call ads jumping more than 30 times since last year.

“Exponential increases in consumer and advertiser mobile use ignited strong pay per call growth in 2011, and we expect the momentum to continue as advertising providers recognize the revenue value of monetizing the lead traffic their programs are generating,” said Bill Dinan, president, Telmetrics. “Advertisers today have a solid understanding of mobile and the overall value of tracking calls and that is helping propel ad providers’ pay per call offerings.”

Telmetrics is also seeing call durations increase, as advertising providers continue to optimize their local search programs to generate more valuable leads and monetize those leads through pay per call. On average, call durations have increased 20.1 percent since Q1 2011. Mobile call durations are still the longest at 3.5 mins/call, followed by Yellow Pages (2.8 mins/call), Internet Yellow Pages (2.7 mins/call) and paid search (2.2 mins/call).

“Call durations are a reliable indicator of lead quality. While each category has a different average duration, longer calls typically indicate a positive propensity to make a purchase and may demand a higher price per call,” added Dinan.

Telmetrics’ call measurement solutions track the lead generation quality of local search advertising and pay per call programs for the leading brands in local search. This includes both publishers and agencies that serve millions of SMBs and national franchise locations across North America and Europe. Using call tracking numbers to measure the ad-driven calls across all media channels reveals what type of caller activity and leads an ad program delivers and can be used to optimize the program for higher quality lead generation.

About Telmetrics, Inc.
For more than 20 years, Telmetrics has been the Call Measurement industry leader. Telmetrics’ call tracking solutions, which are available in North America and across Europe, enable marketers to evaluate consumer phone response to ads by providing valuable ad feedback and consumer call intelligence. With greater visibility into advertising performance across all media channels—digital, mobile, print and more—media publishers, agencies and advertisers can optimize the media mix for higher quality lead generation, resulting in increased revenues and a more complete picture of ROI across converging media. For more information, visit

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