Telmetrics m.Call Mobile Call Tracking Solution Now Available for iPhone OS

TORONTO, December 13, 2011 – Telmetrics, the leading provider of advertising call measurement solutions, today announced that its patent-pending mobile call measurement solution – m.Call™ – is now available for iPhone OS (iOS). m.Call allows mobile local search publishers and application developers to capture valuable call data without traditional call tracking numbers, providing a scalable and cost-effective way to measure and monetize mobile ad performance.

“Apple iOS is a priority operating system for local search app developers, so we are excited to enable mobile call tracking on this valuable network,” said Bill Dinan, president, Telmetrics. “We’ve received a tremendous customer response since the initial launch of m.Call and are taking the solution to the next level by delivering mobile local search ad performance metrics for another leading U.S. mobile operating system .”

How m.Call Works
Built exclusively for mobile app publishers, m.Call provides reporting on all calls generated by mobile search ads and mobile banner ads, without the use of call tracking phone numbers. The solution is embedded within the app via a simple plug-in. Unique tracking IDs, which are linked to advertiser phone numbers or “call” buttons within each ad, seamlessly initiate calls.

“Call tracking with m.Call goes beyond measuring calls as mere clicks on a phone number to provide more robust reporting of mobile advertising leads and reveal the value of mobile as the true pay per call platform,” added Dinan.

m.Call captures the same traditional call tracking data including caller demographics, call durations and recordings. As there is no need to replace business phone numbers in ads with call tracking numbers, the process is quick, seamless and easy to manage. Plus, the solution eliminates telemarketer calls, preserving call measurement data quality.

Telmetrics’ call measurement solutions track the lead generation quality of local search advertising and pay per call programs for the leading brands in local search. This includes both publishers and agencies that serve millions of SMBs and national franchise locations across North America. Using call tracking to measure the ad-driven calls across all media channels offers valuable call data including the caller’s number, date, time, whether the call was answered, the number of rings, the length of the call and more. This insight reveals what type of caller activity and leads an ad program delivers and can be used to optimize the program for higher quality lead generation.

m.Call was first launched for Android in September and will also be available for Windows Mobile in 2012.

About Telmetrics, Inc.
For more than 20 years, Telmetrics has been the Call Measurement industry leader. Telmetrics’ call tracking solutions, which are available in North America and in more than 10 European countries, enable marketers to evaluate consumer phone response to ads by providing valuable ad feedback and consumer call intelligence. With greater visibility into advertising performance across all media channels—digital, mobile, print and more—media publishers, agencies and advertisers can optimize the media mix for higher quality lead generation, resulting in increased revenues and a more complete picture of ROI across converging media. For more information, visit

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