Telmetrics Delivers Key Lead Optimization Data to Agencies, Publishers and Search Engine Marketers with New VoiceTrends Solution

TORONTO – Continuing to innovate and support agencies, publishers and search engine marketing (SEM) firms’ interest in optimizing the quality of leads delivered to SMB and national advertisers, Telmetrics, the leading provider of advertising call measurement solutions, today launched VoiceTrends, a post-call, speech-to-text analytics solution. With VoiceTrends, Telmetrics is offering advanced visibility into aggregated consumer phone calls with comprehensive category, market and media channel insights that support quality lead generation.

“As the local search ecosystem continues to evolve, agencies, publishers and SEM firms are shifting their focus from lead quantity to lead quality as it is key to advertiser retention,” said Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics. “The automated post-call analytics that VoiceTrends delivers offers visibility into the cumulative caller insights needed to optimize media channels, distribution partners and keyword buys.”

Leveraging voice recognition technology, VoiceTrends instantly transcribes consumers’ calls to businesses and tracks the phrases and words most commonly spoken to help identify a caller’s intent and the quality of the lead. VoiceTrends also matches call dialogue to paid keywords and client or category-specific lead conversion topics to measure the effectiveness and value of keyword campaigns and online/offline lead sources.

By capturing the frequency of words and phrases used in a consumer’s call to a business, VoiceTrends delivers valuable insights on real consumer response and advertiser dialogue. These detailed post-call analytics help agencies, publishers and SEM firms better manage their advertisers’ media mix and spend.

“We chose to work with Telmetrics because they understand the value of lead quality and are committed to providing us the tools we need to succeed. Our clients want details on the leads that our ad programs are delivering,” said Kathleen DeCaire-Aden, CEO, Wahlstrom. “Having the ability to identify a caller’s intent is crucial for optimizing ad campaigns and also shows additional proof of ROI.”

VoiceTrends, which measures the quality of phone leads for both pay-per-call and subscription-based advertising programs, is the latest addition to Telmetrics’ lead optimization suite of solutions, including Web2Tel and Telemarketer Call Block. Web2Tel reveals how online advertising converts to offline leads, and Telemarketer Call Block automatically filters telemarketing calls to protect lead validity.

About Telmetrics, Inc.
Since 1990, media publishers, agencies and marketers have relied on Telmetrics to provide innovative call tracking and optimization solutions to help maximize the effectiveness of their marketing programs and increase revenues. Telmetrics offers the widest North American local number coverage with unmatched industry experience and quality of service, and scalable pay per call and subscription-based solutions to support enterprise-level measurement programs. Integrated reporting across online and offline channels provides publishers with the tools they need to prove value for traditional and digital mediums; while offering marketers a more complete ROI picture across converging media. For more information, visit

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