Surefire Social Helps Businesses Maximize National-to-Local Marketing and Lead Generation with One Unified Enterprise Marketing Platform

Herndon, VA, December 11, 2013–Surefire Social™, a provider of digital marketing strategies, today launched Surefire Social Enterprise, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing solution that will help enterprise businesses deploy scalable digital campaigns that drive lead generation at the local level.

Built on a cloud-based technology platform, Surefire Social Enterprise helps national enterprises and their local affiliates maximize every aspect of their national-to-local digital marketing campaigns. Utilizing this sophisticated technology, Surefire Social’s certified coaches choreograph and direct SEO, social media and content marketing efforts both for national brands and their entire networks of local affiliates. This ensures online marketing programs are optimized while leaving brand control with the national organization, and leverages the coaches to drive adoption and compliance at the local level.

Surefire Social Helps Gutter Helmet® Attract Quality Leads

With Surefire Social Enterprise, Gutter Helmet, a leader in the gutter protection industry, has been able to create compelling online marketing campaigns at the national and local level to generate additional leads for its local dealer locations. Advanced SEO, social media and content strategies maximize Gutter Helmet’s brand visibility, while allowing the national corporate office to control brand standards across all locations. Additionally, a new zip code locator feature on Gutter Helmet’s website helps prospective customers find Gutter Helmet dealers close to their home.

“From website optimization to social media and more, Surefire Social has offered us an easy solution for carrying all of our national marketing efforts over to our local dealer locations in a very flexible, manageable way,” said Chelsea Welsh, national marketing manager of Gutter Helmet. “By utilizing Surefire Social’s technology and attentive coaching services we can build our overall brand, while increasing online visibility and pushing leads straight to the local dealers.”

With a deep focus on maximizing lead generation, Surefire Social Enterprise provides:

  •     Improved brand control in design and content on web, mobile and social – at the national, regional and local levels;
  •     A location-based directory combined with automated publishing and powerful geospatial technology;
  •     Automatic, addressable publishing to any number of local mini-sites;
  •     Cutting-edge integrated search engine optimization, social media and content creation services;
  •     Powerful web analytics that track and measure both the corporate and corresponding local websites; and
  •     Renowned coaching system maximizing local participation and results at all levels.

Proprietary Technology Platform

Surefire Social’s packaged offerings – Enterprise, Professional, Select, and Select Starter – are powered by Surefire Social’s proprietary Local Adaptive Marketing Platform (LAMP) which utilizes Surefire Social’s built technologies and open source software. The company’s certified coaches and clients depend on the cloud-based LAMP to help maximize ROI through the delivery of innovative, high-quality and cost-effective marketing both for national-to-local brands and independent local businesses.

“Our national-to-local marketing offerings, combined with personalized coaching services, help businesses elevate their online presence and drive important leads to their website and local storefronts,” said Chris Marentis, CEO of Surefire Social. “Our new solution represents a dramatic shift in the way that enterprises build their brands and generate new customers, as they now have a scalable approach to boosting visibility with an emphasis on compelling content and state-of-the-art geo-spatial technologies to drive leads to each dealer in their network.”

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About Surefire Social

Surefire Social is a hyper-local, technology-enabled marketing services company delivering powerful, personalized and comprehensive national enterprise to local SMB new customer acquisition solutions. Through the Surefire Social cloud, the digital lead generation provider offers integrated yet customizable marketing services that generate quality leads for national-to-local businesses with networks of dealers, franchises or contractors. Launched in 2009, by a senior team that has built leading digital media and technology brands, Surefire Social Certified Coaches support enterprise clients and SMBs deploying national-to-local marketing strategies, across home improvement, financial services, real estate professionals, legal and medical services, among others. For more, visit

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