Rivermine Software’s CEO Presents Top Industry Trends at Summit on Enterprise Telecommunications Management

Washington, DC, May 20, 2005 – Addressing senior executives from Fortune 1000 enterprises, government agencies, and telecom carriers, Mark Logan, CEO of Rivermine Software, today presented key industry trends at the Summit on Enterprise Telecommunications Management (ETM) held at the National Press Club. The Summit provides a forum to showcase best practices, panel discussions, and analyst presentations on strategically managing a company’s telecom environment.
The exploding ETM market, which encompasses software and services to acquire, provision, and support corporate telecommunications, is predicted to reach $1.2 billion in 2008, according to Gartner research .

During his opening remarks, Logan talked about enterprises’ renewed interest in generating ROI, cutting costs, and improving business processes through the management of their telecom environment. He also delved into the new type of relationship that is being fostered between carriers and customers with the help of ETM technology.

Discussing ROI as a top priority among enterprises, Logan said companies are leveraging telecom expense management to strategically improve business processes. In doing this, they are demanding an inventory-centric solution that manages the full lifecycle of telecom management —and moving away from hiring outsourcing companies that solely audit bills.

“Enterprises have discovered that an inventory-powered solution produces far better savings and ROI, especially for companies adopting or migrating to new technologies such as MPLS or VoIP,” said Logan. “These solutions cover the full spectrum of telecom management including expense management, process control, and analysis and planning.”

Logan also spoke about the evolving customer-carrier relationship, as telecom expense management allows for fewer invoice-auditing disputes with the help of software-based audits and increased accuracy due to service order management and provisioning control.

“ETM removes the scenario of rampant billing error disputes and instead promotes positive relationships between enterprises and carriers, which ultimately leads to the development of innovative programs,” said Logan.

As an example, enterprises may install a secure interface for electronic communication with carriers, commonly known as eBonding, which enables them to create e-service orders, track the provisioning process, and seamlessly handle billing and trouble ticketing.

Rivermine Software, a leading business applications provider for telecommunications management, co-hosted the second annual Summit—the largest event on telecom expense management— with BearingPoint.

About Rivermine Software

Rivermine Software is the leading business applications provider of Enterprise Telecommunications Management software. Rivermine’s inventory-powered solution provides mega-million dollar impact to clients by addressing their largest and most severe management issues: controlling expenses, process compliance, and analysis of network design, usage, and cost. A privately held company, Rivermine caters to billion dollar enterprises such as Circuit City, NEC, and Agere Systems. The company also partners with select service providers and integration companies.

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