Rivermine Sets the New Industry Standard with Version 6.0 – Built to Help Global Organizations Realize More Telecom Savings Faster Than Ever Before in a Tight Economy

FAIRFAX, Va. – To help organizations rapidly reduce telecom expenses in an uncertain economic climate, Rivermine today announced Rivermine 6.0 – the new standard in automated wireline network and wireless device expense management.

Taking its award-winning and patent-pending telecom expense management (TEM) software platform to a new level, Rivermine 6.0 offers a host of innovative new features including rapid deployment capabilities, TEM Atlas™ – a unique graphical network mapping tool, comprehensive global support functionality, and a new web user interface that is easier to use then ever before.

Providing customers even greater visibility into, and control over, all aspects of the telecom lifecycle, Rivermine 6.0 automates procurement and order management, invoice processing and auditing, inventory management, dispute management and reporting/analytics.

“From IKON’s preview of Rivermine 6.0, we are very impressed by the new level of functionality and the look and feel of the solution,” said Larry Van Etten, senior manager, telecom expense management, IKON Office Solutions. “The improved workflow engine is truly built to make the telecom expense manager’s job easier and will allow IKON to automate a number of previous time-consuming tasks.”

Rapid Deployment Capabilities

Rivermine 6.0 offers organizations a shorter ramp-up time and reduced costs by supporting more than 600 Web Services that enable quick integration to a variety of enterprise systems including those used for human resources, accounts payable, finance, ticketing, and change management. A completely re-designed TEM-oriented graphical workflow engine enables organizations to customize and quickly build workflows for tasks such as invoice processing as well as order and dispute management approval hierarchies. This new workflow engine is tailored to the needs of TEM users and avoids the complexity of traditional third-party Business Process Management (BPM) engines typically used in other TEM systems.

Rivermine 6.0 also includes a number of new tools and cost allocation module improvements to reduce the time required to perform customer-specific configuration efforts.

“The many innovative features in Rivermine 6.0 enable the system to be deployed at an accelerated pace, thereby helping customers realize telecom cost savings as rapidly as possible,” said Mark Logan, president and CEO, Rivermine. “This is incredibly important in this economic environment where budget cuts are rampant and companies are looking to reduce costs immediately.”

Rivermine TEM Atlas™ Unique At-a-Glance Network Maps

Rivermine TEM Atlas™, an industry first, offers a set of graphical network maps to help users more easily understand and interpret network data, make better network decisions through at-a-glance network cost-per-route information and quickly view potential risks associated with network changes. Users can also filter and sort network maps by criteria such as originating locations, terminating locations, service types, and/or network route costs.

Expanded Global Support

Rivermine has expanded the solution’s global capabilities. A single instance of Rivermine 6.0 can be translated into multiple languages, including double-byte characters. This enables global organizations with TEM users in various international offices to each use the software in their native language, while working in the same system with unified data. The product also supports over 100 currencies and 183 global carrier invoice formats.

New Web Interface Provides User-Friendly Controls and Flash-Based Dashboards

To enable users to quickly learn the system and realize telecom savings, Rivermine 6.0 provides a new web interface including user-friendly “Windows-style” browser controls, single-click sort functions, flexible exporting capabilities, automatic screen refreshes via AJAX technology and flash-based interactive executive level dashboards. The web interface can also be personalized based on user preferences.

Unique Telecom Audit and Contract Management Capabilities

To maximize telecom savings, Rivermine has added 25 percent more audit rules to its extensive existing software library, and an industry-first Audit Rules Engine enables users to create an unlimited number of additional custom carrier invoice audits for automatic processing in the software. Also, a new Contract Rate Engine automatically collects and stores a library of current service provider rates.

Rivermine 6.0 may be deployed as on-premise software or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as well as through Rivermine’s new software-powered managed service packages, eXPERTSolutions (please see eXPERTSolutions press release, also announced today). As Rivermine 6.0 is modular, companies may choose to implement specific portions to address their highest pain points first and subsequently implement other modules to ultimately manage their entire telecom lifecycle.

About Rivermine

Rivermine is a leading provider of automated, award-winning solutions that enable organizations to gain visibility into, and control over, their wireline and wireless telecom spend. More than 225 companies—including many Fortune 1000 corporations and large government agencies—have selected Rivermine to optimize their overall telecom environments and dramatically reduce costs. These patent-pending Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions automate the entire telecom lifecycle including contract sourcing, ordering, inventory management, invoice processing and auditing, wireless management and reporting/analytics. For more information, visit http://www.rivermine.com.

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