Rivermine Announces Real-time Wireless Usage Management Capabilities

Fairfax, VA, September 15, 2009 — Enabling organizations to proactively influence employee mobile usage and enforce their corporate wireless usage policies, Rivermine, the leading provider of automated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions, today announced the addition of Real-time Wireless Usage Management (RWUM) capabilities. RWUM can be used with Rivermine’s market-leading Wireless Expense Management solution to detect and respond to mobile device expense problems as they occur.

RWUM includes an agent that is resident on corporate-liable mobile devices to monitor, report and control usage. Alerts can be automatically sent to employees or the IT department when usage thresholds are met. Moreover, policies can be proactively enforced on devices if desired. Alerts and policy controls can be set for:

-International roaming usage;
-Overuse of voice minutes, texting, downloads and other services;
-Location restrictions to require employees to use a landline rather than a mobile device if they are within close proximity to the company’s physical office;
-Regulation of directory assistance services, such as requiring employees to only use free411 options; and
-Performance monitoring to assist in recouping costs due to carrier dropped calls.

“Real-time Wireless Usage Management complements the many other real-time components of our Wireless Expense Management solution,” said Mark Logan, president and CEO, Rivermine. “We want to offer our customers every technology possible to reduce the costs of managing the mobile devices of their organizations.”

These enhancements are part of Rivermine’s broad suite of software and services that help numerous organizations manage their corporate-liable mobile devices, service plans and related expenses.

Rivermine’s mobile solution includes outsourced Mobile Device Management services, which leverage leading platforms such as Research In Motion, to offer over-the-air device data wiping, device kill and application deployment capabilities.

The solution also helps companies reduce mobile device and service plan fees by managing ordering, inventory, spend optimization, help desk, invoice processing and device recycling functions. Rivermine’s mobile solutions are offered through a combination of Rivermine and partner technologies.

For more information about Rivermine’s solutions, please visit www.rivermine.com.

About Rivermine

Rivermine is a leading provider of automated, award-winning solutions that enable organizations to gain visibility into, and control over, their wireline and wireless telecom spend. More than 250 companies–including many Fortune 1000 corporations and large government agencies–have selected Rivermine to optimize their overall telecom environments and dramatically reduce costs. These patent-pending Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions automate the entire telecom lifecycle including contract sourcing, ordering, inventory management, invoice processing and auditing, wireless expense management and reporting/analytics.


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