Higher Mobile Monetization to Drive More Call Measurement in 2013, Says Telmetrics

President Bill Dinan Expects More Tailored and Localized Mobile Ad Campaigns in 2013

TORONTO, January 8, 2013With BIA Kelsey predicting that locally targeted mobile ads will represent 70 percent of overall U.S. mobile ad spending by 2015, Bill Dinan, president of advertising call measurement solutions leader Telmetrics, expects that publishers, agencies and companies will increasingly tailor their mobile ad strategies for greater monetization opportunities in 2013. To harness this monetization, he also sees organizations more widely adopting mobile call measurement and other key mobile ad performance metrics like map views and reservations booked.

“2012 saw advertisers’ mobile investments steadily increasing to better align their level of mobile adoption and investment, and we expect the gap to shrink further in 2013 as advertisers better tailor their mobile ad programs for more targeted results and higher ROI,” said Dinan. “To better capitalize on the mobile opportunity, we’re seeing a jump in advertisers using key mobile performance metrics such as actual calls, rather than phone number clicks, to confirm that each call happened and specific details of the interaction.”

Following are three additional key insights from Bill Dinan regarding mobile advertising trends in 2013:

1) More Localized Mobile Display Ads – With the recent xAd-Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study indicating that local business information and deals are critical factors in consumers’ mobile buying decisions, Dinan expects marketers to prioritize and more widely incorporate local information into their mobile ad strategies. This means including phone number, address, driving directions links and specific local offers or coupons within mobile ads. Also with more sophisticated location-targeting technology available, he anticipates greater adoption of mobile display advertising as a preferred ad format.

2) Rise of Device-Specific Ad Strategies – While mobile users represent a ready-to-buy audience with a 60 percent overall conversion rate, mobile usage patterns cannot be viewed homogenously. Dinan stresses that mobile strategies will evolve in 2013 to more widely incorporate device-specific usage nuances including tailoring ads based on smartphone users more frequently searching while on the go for immediate needs versus tablet users often using their device while at home for research price comparisons and reviews.

3) Shift to Driving Mobile Website Traffic – While there was previously a strong drive among advertisers to optimize their mobile websites, Dinan now sees this trend evolving into a push to drive mobile users to these now-optimized websites. This also reflects the trend of mobile consumers now largely using mobile devices as their primary desktop search vehicle (rather than PCs).

Telmetrics’ call measurement solutions track the lead generation quality of local search advertising and pay per call programs for the leading brands in local search. This includes both publishers and agencies that serve millions of SMBs and national franchise locations across North America and Europe. Using call tracking numbers to measure the ad-driven calls across all media channels reveals what type of caller activity and leads an ad program delivers and can be used to optimize the program for higher quality lead generation.

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