Chalk & Wire Announces Key Milestones for 2015 Including Nearly Perfect Client Renewal Rates

Ridgeway, Ontario – (January 12, 2016) – Higher Education assessment provider Chalk & Wire today shared 2015 successes including new client growth, significant award wins and a client renewal rate of more than 99 percent.

In addition to expanded partnerships with existing clients for cross-campus assessment programs, Chalk & Wire increased its client roster by 21 percent. This includes an uptick in interest among Health Sciences Programs, Medical Schools and Art Institutes.

“This is an exciting time for Chalk & Wire, as we expand the company’s reach with new clients, partnerships and industry accolades,” said Geoff Irvine, CEO, Chalk & Wire. “We’ve also made great strides in the area of product innovation, delivering customization and integration based on the requests of schools and new trends in ePortfolio and assessment research.”

Earlier this year, Chalk & Wire received a Campus Technology Readers’ Choice Award for bringing ePortfolios to campuses as a flexible, student-centered solution. Most recently, the readers of University Business recognized Chalk & Wire as a Top Product for the company’s ability to help institutions run more efficiently, while enhancing student-learning experiences.

On the product side in 2015, Chalk & Wire launched its full Experiential Learning Suite that allows for customization and bulk administrative actions for creating, managing and reporting on student learning activities taking place outside the classroom. The company also delivered their Career Access Pledge for ePortfolios, allowing students to continually access ePortfolios even after their accounts expire.

Also, Chalk & Wire’s ePortfolio Exchange Server was expanded to add custom solutions for integrations with all major Learning Management Systems (LMS). Among other things, this technology was engineered in 2015 to address the pressing challenge of automatically assigning students to their correct assessor without resorting to further integration with Student Information Systems.

“This innovation has significantly reduced the need for local training in integrated deployments and added yet another layer of transparency to our work,” added Irvine.

With a massive upswing in LMS integration, more than 50 percent of Chalk & Wire clients have adopted this approach that renders Chalk & Wire’s assessment platform invisible in their LMS.

Chalk & Wire offers higher education institutions a comprehensive, campus-wide platform that includes ePortfolios, forms & surveys, assessment processes, analytic, live reporting and accreditation management. For more, visit

About Chalk & Wire

With a market-changing, research-based approach to higher education assessment, Chalk & Wire has helped institutions demonstrate student competency and improve the evaluation of learning outcomes for nearly 20 years. To increase the validity of assessment data, Chalk & Wire’s market-leading assessment platform is built on its CoreValidity™ process, which drives alignment between faculty and leadership through a unified assessment language and raises inter-rater reliability earlier in the process. Chalk & Wire takes a consultative approach to helping institutions prove their value and efficacy as well as their ability to prepare students for their post-graduate pursuits. For more, visit

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