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Jan. 10

Quora: A Twitter-Wikipedia Mash-up

The recent buzz from the technology community around Quora, an online Q&A service created by former Facebook employees, is causing many top brands and their PR agencies to ask what is Quora and should it be incorporated into PR strategy? … Continue reading

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Nov. 17

Best iPad Apps for PR Pros

After some not so subtle hinting, I finally received an iPad last week as an anniversary gift from my husband.  While the personal features are great, I started exploring how I can use the device as a PR tool since … Continue reading

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Sep. 21

Long Live the Press Release

It’s been said time and time again, often to provoke controversy among the PR industry, that the press release is dead. Ad Age Media Columnist Simon Dumenco made the latest argument in his article last week, RIP, the Press Release … Continue reading

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Aug. 06

Kids Get a Clean Slate Each Fall; Businesses Deserve One Too

As back-to-school season is upon us, businesses can learn from this annual rite of passage for students and apply it to their public relations programs. That means taking a look at what is and isn’t working. Here are a few questions … Continue reading

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Jul. 02

New PR Grads: Use Social Networks for Job Hunting

For this year’s PR grads, how can you find the job of your dreams? Look to social networks – these sites are no longer just a way to communicate with friends. Facebook. Don’t post anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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May. 20

Totally LOST Without PR

As the end of LOST is drawing near, I realized that the hit TV series, a favorite among some of the Y&A team, relates to PR in several ways. LOST’s themes – redemption, destiny and survival – tie directly to … Continue reading

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May. 04

Media Interviews: Off the Record Doesn’t Exist

Do you have an upcoming media interview and don’t feel prepared?  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. However, following a few rules before an interview will help ease nerves and ensure you are ready to speak to … Continue reading

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Apr. 08

Apple’s iPad PR – A Bump in the Road

Apple’s public relations efforts around this week’s iPad launch seemed to go smoothly with stories in all major national news outlets and hype on social media sites and blogs. That was until a Wi-Fi issue was reported by users and … Continue reading

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Mar. 02

In Times of Crisis, Tell the Truth

Crisis communications has had its hands full over the last few weeks.  From the terrible tragedy at SeaWorld to continuing product issues at Toyota to the Tiger Woods’ scandal, crisis communications 101 has been in high demand. When all is … Continue reading

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Feb. 09

Let Facebook Show the Personality of Your Organization

On a recent client call, I was asked why an organization needs a Facebook page and what the benefits are.  For me, the answer lies in the numbers.  It is hard to believe, but Facebook says they have 350 million … Continue reading

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