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May. 21

Right Here, Right Now: Tips for Getting News to Journalists

Timing a news announcement when reporters are looking for news to cover or focused on a specific trend or topic takes thoughtful planning (and sometimes a bit of luck) but following a few suggestions can help you make that critical … Continue reading

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Apr. 13

What Does the Future Hold for PR?

The flying car unveiled at the New York Auto Show and Google’s project glass topped headlines last week, making me think are we that far off from a Jetsons-like era and more importantly what is next for PR?  In 10 … Continue reading

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Mar. 16

Pinning and PR, A Look at Pinterest

By now you’ve probably taken a look at Pinterest, the popular photo-centric social media site that lets users organize their favorite things through virtual “pinboards”. Many publishers, bloggers and retailers have taken notice of the site’s rapid growth and are … Continue reading

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Nov. 14

Negative Social Media Posts: Turn that Frown Upside Down

Are negative posts on Twitter or Facebook keeping you down?  Don’t worry – there are ways to turn these comments into positive interactions.  In fact, acknowledging a customer or social media follower with a complaint can go a long way … Continue reading

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Oct. 21

Lights On, Camera Rolling: Broadcast Interview Tips

As we’ve had the pleasure to coordinate an increased amount of broadcast spots recently, we thought it was time to revisit a few tips for television spokespeople. 1. Prepare in advance: Read the talking points that you’ve developed (or your … Continue reading

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Sep. 13

NBC News Twitter Account Hacked

On Friday afternoon, two days prior to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, NBC News’ Twitter account (@NBCNews) was hacked and tweets falsely reported that an airplane had crashed at Ground Zero. Due to the prompt response by NBC News notifying Twitter, the account … Continue reading

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Aug. 09

MTV Turns 30: A Look Back

MTV quietly celebrated its 30th birthday last week (MTV launched just a few months before Young & Associates).   Love it or hate it, the “music” television station’s long-term cultural influence certainly says something about the longevity of a media … Continue reading

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Jun. 29

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

In the words of the amazing Sally Field, “You like me, you really like me.”  Our obsession with approvals or “likes” hasn’t changed much since the actress’ famous Academy Award acceptance speech. Today we most closely associate a “like” with Facebook, … Continue reading

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Apr. 28

Make A Splash At Industry Events

Conferences can be a great forum for creating buzz for your company, while you meet with reporters, potential partners and prospect customers.  However, at events, big and small, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle if you … Continue reading

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Mar. 02

The Rise of Online-Only News: Journalists Taking Notice

Brian Morrissey, former digital editor for Adweek, recently joined DIGIDAY, a new digital marketing-focused online outlet, surprising many who follow the advertising media industry.  He shared his reason for the move with PRNewser citing that Adweek’s production often slowed initiatives due … Continue reading

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