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Dec. 14

Gravity Payments’ Overnight Celebrity Doesn’t Spell Success

In a story that sounded too good to be true, Dan Price, CEO of credit card processing company Gravity Payments, announced in April that he would equalize all salaries to a minimum of $70,000 a year. He also planned to … Continue reading

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Oct. 09

3 PR Tips to Close Q4 Strong

The weather is cooling down in many parts of the country, but in many cases PR activities are heating up for organizations. A strong PR push in Q4 can help companies achieve their overall 2015 corporate and marketing objectives and … Continue reading

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Jul. 29

Extending the Value of White Papers

White papers continue to be a strong marketing asset as they demonstrate thought leadership and serve as informative guides for customers and prospects. However, once the white paper is written, it must be properly promoted to reap the full benefit. … Continue reading

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Jun. 02

4 Tips for Identifying Media Trends

What’s trending? In Pittsburgh, today’s trends are sunshine, food trucks (we’re behind) and the Pirates’ run at hanging above .500 this season. Staying ahead of trends and being able to forecast topics that will pique journalists’ interest is crucial for … Continue reading

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Mar. 26

Avoiding Social Fails

Today, engaging with customers on social media is a given for most businesses. However many are finding that if a sound strategy is not in place for responding to customer complaints/inquiries or if the various channels are used carelessly, this … Continue reading

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Jan. 15

Renew Media Pitching in 2015

As we jump into a new year, it’s beneficial for us to reexamine and refresh our media pitching approach. And, a recent conversation with tech journalist Kira Newman gave me a few ideas for doing just that. Keep media pitches … Continue reading

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Oct. 16

5 Questions For Your Future PR Partner

Choosing the right PR partner can be challenging, as presentations, websites and agency materials can often blend together and become repetitive. Professional chemistry and mutual respect play a role but here are a few questions to ask your potential partner … Continue reading

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Jul. 16

The $9/Month PR Strategy

Yesterday, TechCrunch brought a new email database company, Pressfarm, some unwarranted attention. While the spotlight might be undeserved for the company, which supplies tech-focused reporter emails to users for $9/month, the tongue and cheek article from TechCrunch reporter Romain Dillet … Continue reading

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Apr. 22

Not Just Cute Cats, BuzzFeed Reaches Notable Growth

Simply stated, BuzzFeed’s success is impressive. The addictive news site has connected with a fast-growing global audience with breaking news and feature posts ranging from quirky to cute. Why the fast success? BuzzFeed’s content is broad, yet article topics are … Continue reading

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Feb. 12

Conversation Hearts Spell Better Relationships Between PR Execs and Journalists

In many ways, public relations is all about relationship building. As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s look at the ways we can sweeten our connections with journalists and make our outreach more lovable through the use of conversation hearts. Respect Me … Continue reading

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