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Nov. 30

In-House PR versus a PR Agency?

When marketing budgets are tight, teams may question whether to retain an external PR agency versus handling PR in-house. However, in a 24/7 media environment, fast-growing organizations often need the backing of an external agency to effectively meet the demands … Continue reading

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Jul. 30

Elevating Female PR Pros to Senior Leaders

According to networking group GWPR (Global Women in PR), although women represent two-thirds of the global PR industry, 78 percent of CEOs in the top 30 global PR organizations are men. They also account for 62 percent of the PR … Continue reading

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Jan. 23

Kicking off the New Year

Q1 remains a time when most organizations want to kick their PR activities into high gear, but don’t forget that solid planning helps set the tone for the course of the year. This means making time to hold in-depth, strategic … Continue reading

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Sep. 27

Doing the Right Thing: Corporate Giving

Everywhere I look over the past few weeks, there are heroes among us. Specifically, the many courageous heroes who are tirelessly advocating for those devastated by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. During moments like this we should consider how we can … Continue reading

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May. 22

It’s Summer Break, But Don’t Put Your Media Relations Strategy on Hiatus

With the Memorial Day holiday right around the corner, now is a good time to ensure your PR program is on the right course for the summer season. Although the summer might not be the best time to launch an … Continue reading

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Mar. 07

Upstate New York Giraffe April Achieves “It Girl” Status

I was pleasantly surprised when April showed up in my Facebook feed, on my TV and in conversations with friends over the last few weeks. Who is the latest “it girl”? April is the very pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure … Continue reading

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Oct. 24

Why Long-Term PR Engagements Reap the Most Rewards

PR programs are not a short-term investment. In fact, programs that have the chance to evolve with creative ideas and strategies and a variety of tactics are the ones that most often flourish and succeed. While a short three- or … Continue reading

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Aug. 29

Ten Tips for When the News Well Runs Dry

Every organization experiences a lull in corporate news. That doesn’t mean PR efforts should go dark. In fact, these quieter periods represent an excellent time to reconnect with journalists with fresh article ideas or about upcoming stories to determine if … Continue reading

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Jun. 09

PR from 2004 to 2016 – Celebrating 12 Years with Y&A

This month marks my 12th year with Young & Associates. As I reflect on the last decade, it is certain the PR industry has evolved its fair share. While a lot has changed from how consumers digest content to how … Continue reading

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Feb. 23

Embargoes: Still Viable, But Do Your Research First

For many journalists, embargoed news releases represent an advance preview of critical news before an announcement hits the wire. Typically, they offer reporters additional time to process the news, gather additional research, schedule interviews and write their stories to be … Continue reading

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