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Jan. 24


Perceptions about social media participation are relative. In some circles it’s an automatic and daily communication medium, while others still wince at the mention. I’ll come clean and admit to being a regular social media participant, having seen the benefits … Continue reading

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Dec. 03

The Power of Oprah’s Favorite Things

Oprah. Her name alone conjures up images of media dominance, star power and worldwide generosity in the form of big-ticket audience giveaways and large charity donations. The show is on during my workday so I rarely catch it, but when … Continue reading

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Oct. 06

Freelance Journalists are Still Journalists Playing By Different Rules

With today’s newsrooms keeping only a fraction of their former staffs on payroll while still gunning for high-quality, up-to-the-minute coverage, it was inevitable that media outlets would rely on freelance journalists’ support to make it all happen. Not only are … Continue reading

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Aug. 12

How Much Corporate Social Media is Too Much?

There is still a great deal of dissension regarding social media and its value for the business community—with some ready to give their right arm in its defense and others caring less if their tweets dwindle off or their corporate … Continue reading

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Jul. 07

Cutting Through the Clutter Key to Product Launch Success

New products—they are constantly flowing to meet today’s “yesterday’s widget is old” mentality. What’s different in the new iPhone? Is the new version of Hootsuite better? Which of the latest CRM solutions is right for my company? Reporters often wonder … Continue reading

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Jun. 24

The Spark Newsletter: New Clients; Advice on When to Engage PR

In case you haven’t seen it, the latest edition of our newsletter–The Spark–is out!  The issue celebrates new client Shooger and the renewal of PeriscopeIQ, as well as announces the purchase of Young & Associates by long-term employees Jennifer MacLeid … Continue reading

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Apr. 27

Lessons Learned from @PRSarahEvans: Think Outside the Box to Succeed in Social Media

PRSA Colorado hosted an event last week with social media guru Sarah Evans, and I left feeling really refreshed on social media. It wasn’t one specific piece of the shared content that had me jazzed (and there were lots of … Continue reading

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Mar. 29

Do In-Person Meetings Give a Stronger Positive Vibe?

I met a fellow technology PR professional at a local Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) event here in Denver a few weeks ago, and after swapping backgrounds and stories, she setup a networking meeting for me with one of … Continue reading

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Feb. 16

Ways to a Reporter’s (or Blogger’s) Heart

With Valentine’s Day fresh on the brain, I was thinking about how many of the same tenets for personal friendships or romantic relationships also apply to professional relationships with reporters or bloggers. The dance of communication (or miscommunication at times) … Continue reading

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Feb. 05

The Balancing Act of Traditional + Social Media

When social media first came on the scene, some mused whether it would overtake traditional media as the primary news venue. While some of us would declare ourselves social media “addicts”, it has certainly not replaced traditional media. Both sides … Continue reading

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