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Jun. 25

Why PR is Like “The Voice”

I admit it, I watch “The Voice”. Not for the celebrity judges’ playful banter or even for the dramatic back stories on contestants, but for the first few episodes when each singer performs without the judges seeing their appearance. They … Continue reading

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Apr. 16

Product Announcements: Giving Away the Secret Sauce?

Companies often grapple with formally unveiling products to the media without fueling competitors’ efforts by divulging too much information.  In fact, some shy away from announcing product info at all; however, sharing a limited amount of newsworthy information for media … Continue reading

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Feb. 08

What Can PR Pros Learn from Super Bowl Ads?

Some tugged at heartstrings and some made us feel empowered…and others were like watching a train wreck (read: GoDaddy). While they varied in themes, this year’s Super Bowl ads were memorable and drove serious revenues in the hours following their … Continue reading

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Nov. 29

What Makes a Standout Byline Article?

Byline articles are a mainstay of strategic PR programs, but not all topics (or outlets for that matter) are created equal. How many times have you struggled to come up with a compelling topic that spotlights your company as a … Continue reading

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Sep. 14

The Zen of PR

A “Type A” personality is often a shared trait among PR practitioners – meticulously planning every campaign detail, following up on all possible story angles and staying in constant contact with priority media and analysts. While these are all helpful … Continue reading

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Jul. 19

The Spark: Summer Brings New Clients, Awards and Commentary on Client Relationships Built to Last

The Y&A team has been enjoying a busy summer so far, including welcoming new clients Interfolio and Wolfe Domain and celebrating several 2012 Hermes Creative Awards for standout client programs. If you haven’t read our July issue of The Spark … Continue reading

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Jun. 08

Statistics are a Goldmine News Hook

No matter the industry, statistics-related news items grab media attention. And, as fresh stats indicate the evolution and forward-looking trends of a given marketplace, they can be the perfect PR opportunity for companies to rise to the top of the … Continue reading

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May. 01

Step Outside Your Bubble for More Media Opportunities

This is a timeless issue – many companies only want to discuss topics directly related to their product or service. While this sweet spot is undeniable, it doesn’t have to mark the boundary of what corporate spokespersons can comment on. … Continue reading

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Apr. 04

Boil Down Your Elevator Pitch

I took a trip to DC this past weekend, which involved multiple airline flights and conversations with my fellow travelers. Inevitably our discussions turned to our types of work. What I found interesting was that many of the so-called elevator … Continue reading

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Feb. 22

Deconstructing the PR Meme: 3 Misconceptions of PR

Lately I’ve seen job-focused memes spreading like mad across Facebook—ranging from veterinarians to tech support professionals—humorously conveying what various people believe those in the given profession actually do. The “public relations consultant” one gave me a good laugh with many … Continue reading

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