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Feb. 28

When There’s A Lull: Getting Media Traction During Slow News Times

It can be challenging to keep key media engaged if your organization struggles to generate a steady pipeline of newsworthy announcements. However, there are ways to keep the momentum going. With the right mix of relevant touchpoints and topic strategies, … Continue reading

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Nov. 13

Q4 PR Race to the Finish

With 2018 planning becoming an immediate priority, it’s hard not to look ahead. But don’t say goodbye to 2017 just yet —there’s still a lucrative PR  window between now and the end of the year. During this time, reporters tend to … Continue reading

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Aug. 21

Corporate Case Studies: Telling the Right Story

We often hear people say that products and services sell themselves with customer stories, but it isn’t that simple. The way the story is told matters greatly, as a company’s offerings continuously evolve and usage as well as results may not … Continue reading

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Apr. 13

United Airlines: #PRfail

The United Airlines incident involving a passenger being dragged off an overbooked flight has drawn a monumental amount of attention and viral social sharing this week. Undeniably disturbing to watch, videos recorded by other passengers show an Asian man being forcibly … Continue reading

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Dec. 14

Multi-Pronged PR Strategies for 2017

As the year comes to a close, it’s helpful for marketing teams to evaluate what has worked well and what could use improvement in the new year. While some companies implement PR as a single stream strategy, a perennial lesson learned … Continue reading

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Sep. 08

Ready for Analyst Relations?

Industry analysts hold significant power across many markets. Big-budget enterprise buyers often take their vendor and product advice and recommendations as gospel and rely on Magic Quadrants and Wave reports to create short-lists of vendors to consider before making purchases. It’s no … Continue reading

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Jun. 27

PR 101 for Start-Ups

Start-ups are an interesting breed when it comes to public relations and thought leadership. On one hand, they are in growth mode and have a lot of activity – and often great progress – to share, whether executive team hires, new … Continue reading

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Mar. 22

Journalism’s (Positive) Disruptors: Freelance Reporters

It’s become the antidote to the shrinking newsroom—throngs of freelance journalists covering stories ranging from business to industry-specific articles. This growing trend has disrupted the journalism landscape, where editors still need to cover the 24/7 news cycle with relevant, in-depth content without the … Continue reading

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Jan. 11

Not Your Old-School New Year’s Resolutions

While there are many traditions worth following, I’ve noticed that the practice of proclaiming New Year’s resolutions often sets people up for failure. They get overly excited about something and quickly commit before thoroughly thinking through what is actually required to … Continue reading

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Oct. 21

In Honor of “Back to the Future” Day

I’ve seen countless articles and social posts marking the real date when Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled 30 years to the future in Back to the Future II. Heck, USA Today even recreated the front page used in the film as part of a … Continue reading

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