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Jul. 21

Reporters Want a Personalized Approach: 3 Tips for Media Outreach

It’s no surprise that since the pandemic, editorial teams have continued to evolve the ways they drum up stories and connect with sources. And as their bandwidth is often at capacity, they are more focused on the timeliest and most … Continue reading

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May. 05

Young & Associates Named PR Firm Winner of Prestigious EdTech Leadership Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Young & Associates has been named the winner of the 2021 EdTech Awards “Public Relations (PR) Firm Working in EdTech” Leadership category! Hosted by EdTech Digest for the 11th year, the awards program recognizes, acknowledges … Continue reading

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Dec. 16

Returning to Gratitude: Pandemic Edition

Nine months into the pandemic, no one can ignore the ever-shifting challenges and expectations – whether you’re trying to maintain business collaborations virtually, managing a full-scale remote schooling environment or navigating family and social interactions (or perhaps all of these at once!). However, what … Continue reading

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Sep. 24

What Does the Media Want Now?

With the news cycle dominated by the pandemic, the election and racial injustice, it can be difficult to discern what is of interest to journalists on any given day. This includes national, local, business, technology and various trade media. Additionally, … Continue reading

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Jul. 27

Content Relevance is King

With today’s news cycle changing – often dramatically – by the hour, organizations are trying their best to keep up by developing meaningful content that can be published before it gets stale. While it was common to promote both evergreen … Continue reading

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Jun. 16

Keeping PR Momentum Going During Crises

The past few months have thrown companies many a curveball as the effects of COVID-19 reverberate with operational, economic and psychological impacts. While seemingly chaotic at first, the next phase required putting a new order into sustainably maintaining business operations. … Continue reading

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Mar. 02

Editorial Calendars 101

Editorial calendars help lay out a given publication’s planned editorial topics and are a great opportunity to sync up with editors and reporters on aligned topics that our clients can address with news, trends and other points of view. Some … Continue reading

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Dec. 03

What We Can Learn from the WeWork PR Nightmare

The WeWork corporate debacle has become a cautionary tale for the ages. Following a successful build-up in marketplace prominence, cache and value since its 2010 launch, global shared office space company WeWork’s reputation came tumbling down after a botched attempt to take … Continue reading

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Nov. 05

It’s the End of the (PR) World as We Know It

I know, it sounds dramatic. Don’t worry though — this isn’t another post about the death of the press release. However, I do believe we are experiencing a significant shift in the way PR is viewed overall and how companies … Continue reading

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Jul. 24

PR Tips for Funding

Investment funding announcements can be a powerful and proactive way to demonstrate company momentum through media relations. Rather than waiting for a filing to hit regulatory websites, companies can get ahead of the news by optimally framing funding messages through … Continue reading

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