Chalk & Wire Debuts Rebranded Assessment Platform CWPro

Chalk & Wire, the most trusted educational assessment technology platform, announced today that it has rebranded its assessment platform, formerly known as Chalk & Wire, as CWPro. The new name also brings enhanced platform features to support experiential learning including easing the burden of field placement updates and confirmations and increased scalability for administrators.

“As Chalk & Wire prepares for the upcoming launch of its new micro-credentialing and badging service, MyMantl, we’ve renamed our assessment platform CWPro, which will continue as the premiere choice for institutions looking to monitor and verify student learning outcomes and to achieve institutional and program accreditation,” said Geoff Irvine, CEO, Chalk & Wire. “We’ve also extended the ease and scalability of our solution at an enterprise level which represents our commitment to reduce administrative overhead and to streamline process.”

Experiential Learning Field Placement Updates

New upgrades in CWPro offer administrators a bulk field placement importer and related templates that for the first time work together seamlessly. This new functionality significantly reduces the time required to create new experiential learning opportunities and field placements for students, as administrators can set up templates with the planned assessment tools and survey forms in advance. Additional enhancements provide students with rapid placement verification, allowing them to quickly begin their internship or other experiential learning opportunity.

“Given that CWPro is now used more frequently on an enterprise level, we are focusing on giving administrators tools that will minimize their work load and extend across the institution,” added Irvine.

Additional New CWPro Upgrades

Other new CWPro features include:

  • Increased reporting options with more flexibility and live form response filtering; and
  • A new inline document viewer, which offers viewing and annotation (commenting) of documents from within the assessment interface.

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About Chalk & Wire
With a market-changing, research-based approach to higher education assessment, Chalk & Wire has helped institutions demonstrate student competency and improve the evaluation of learning outcomes for more than 20 years. To increase the validity of assessment data, Chalk & Wire’s market-leading assessment platform is built on its CoreValidity™ process, which drives alignment between faculty and leadership through a unified assessment language and raises inter-rater reliability earlier in the process. Chalk & Wire takes a consultative approach to helping institutions prove their value and efficacy as well as their ability to prepare students for their post-graduate pursuits. For more, visit

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